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Goal Setting Checklist


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Goal Setting Checklist "How to set goals?" is one of the most critical questions in the field of management. Managers and team leaders want to know how goals can be efficiently set and achieved. The given below Goal Setting Checklist will give pieces of advice and guide you through the process of setting and managing goals.

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  1. Why Set Goals?
    • To Minimize the Gap "Manager – Employee". In many teams and work groups, often misunderstandings and miscommunication between upper management and lower-level employees cause a communication gap that impedes successful achievement of goals and plans. By establishing the right procedure and setting reasonable goals, your supervisors and managers can truly remove this gap. Besides, your employees will not feel flustered because a lack of communication will not appear and the right understanding of their roles within your organization will be achieved.
    • To Get Better Employee Reviews. Rules help supervisors in making employee reviews and tracking employee activities. If goals have not been set, there will never be a truly equitable appraisal review. By following your guidelines, you will create a foundation for employee performance appraisals and meaningful reviews of employee performance measurements.
    • To Conduct Realistic Assessment of Expectations. Implementation of specific strategies provides your company with a platform for checking both short-term and long-term objectives. Your strategies will allow you to convey specific, detailed and thoroughly communicative goals to your employees. Once your employees have understood your goals, you can conduct realistic assessment of your expectations.
  2. Tips: Characteristics of Goals.
    • Goals Should Be Relevant. To be relevant, your goals have to be profitable in some fashion. Although it does not mean that each of your goals should result in dollars, your goals have to deliver a clear advantage or benefit to you personally, or to your company.
    • Goals Should Be Worthwhile. Very often people set meaningless goals that do not create any sense of achievement. Do not make this mistake but set goals that are worthwhile. Remember that the purpose of the procedure is to move you (or your company) forward and produce a positive result. If your goals do not motivate you to move forward, they are likely to be meaningless and will bring you no satisfaction when achieved. Therefore, make sure you choose worthwhile goals that motivate you and your employees to make a positive change.
    • Goals Should Be Measurable. Each of your goals should be analyzed in terms of specific quantifiable objectives. You will need to quantify your goals in a realistic and feasible fashion that will allow measuring productivity. When your goals can be measured, you will know exactly which quantifiable results you can expect.
    • Goals Should Be Actionable. It is a common mistake to set a goal that is too vague or abstract. For example, the goal "Improve customer service" is an abstract goal that does not specify what actions to take to achieve improved customer service. If to transform this goal and make it more actionable, the following "right" goal will be formulated: "Improve customer service by training support personnel and analyzing customer feedback." Therefore, make sure you set specific and actionable goals.
    • Goals Should Be Shared. Sharing your business goals is one of the greatest techniques to engage your employees in achieving the goals. When you know that others contribute to faster realization of your goals, you feel more motivated. If you do not set and share a business goal but you want to share some personal goal, you can use your micro-blog on Twitter and publicize the goal – then your friends and "followers" will see the goal on the blog and motivate you to achieve it.
  3. Goal Management.
    • Setting Goal Priorities. When designing your list of actions, make sure you use priorities to plan how often and in what order you and your employees will do each of the goals. By setting priorities for your business goals, you can make effort more rationally in terms of faster goal realization. It is recommended to create a tree that consists of high-level and low-level priorities. Also, a tree of prioritized goals is a great way to avoid overload and fight procrastination.
    • Setting Goal Deadlines. A goal without a specific deadline is a "bad" goal which is unattainable. Setting deadlines for your business goals will shape your plan of actions and create a foundation for making some exercises. Exact deadlines will let you develop and follow a goal schedule.
    • Tracking Progress. While working on achieving your goals, you need to track current status of each goal and get the entire achievement progress. By means of task management software (like VIP Task Manager), it is easy to organize your goals into todo lists and then track progress of your tasks. Task management software will let you manage your goals and implement your best ideas.
    • Evaluating Goals. From the moment you have started achieving your goals, it is a necessary activity to evaluate the goals. The process of goal evaluation assumes that you review your goals to find out whether they have been successfully accomplished. Often the ladder technique is used to evaluate goals. Such a technique allows you to classify your goals into Accomplishments and Failures. You will review deadlines and progress of each specific goal and compare these characteristics to the baseline in order to evaluate the actual success (or failure) of your goals. At the top level of your "goal ladder" there will be accomplished goals, and failed goals will be moved down to the bottom of the "ladder".
    • Rewarding for Accomplishment. This advice tells you that you need to reward yourself (and your employees) for the goals that have been successfully accomplished. When one of your goals is accomplished, you can reward yourself for the time and effort devoted to the goal. It is recommended to describe a reward for each your goal in your todo list. Task management software (VIP Task Manager) will let you attach pictures of rewards to your tasks, and each time when you are looking through your tasks you can see what rewards you get when the tasks are accomplished. It is very motivating.

Order 750 checklists in MS Word and PDF printable format at $49.99 USD only. BUY NOW! 

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