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VIP Team To Do List: Main Toolbar
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VIP Team To Do List: Main Toolbar

The shortcut toolbar located at the top of the VIP Team To Do List window consists of a number of buttons identified by icons with short command names beneath.

Main Toolbar
New database
Open database
Shortcut - [Ctrl + O] 
Save database
Shortcut - [Ctrl + S]
Prints the task list to the default printer. The preset printer properties and the task filtration are used for printing.
Shortcut - [Ctrl + P]
Print preview.
Tasks Toolbar
Creates a new task in the task list. The task wizard opens automatically.
Shortcut - [Insert] or [Ins]
Edits the task chosen from the task list. If several tasks are chosen , only the upper one can be edited.
Shortcut - [Enter] or [F4]
Removes one or more tasks chosen from the task list.
Shortcut -[Delete] or [Del]
Task Move Up
Shortcut - [Ctrl+Up Arrow]
Task Move Down
Shortcut - [Ctrl+Down Arrow]
Increase task(s) priority
Shortcut - [Shift+Ctrl+Up Arrow]
Decrease task(s) priority
Shortcut - [Shift+Ctrl+Down Arrow]
Insert task(s) from Windows clipboard to Task List.
Shortcut -[Ctrl + V]
Send Task to assigned resources.
Shortcut -[Ctrl + I]
Controls the appearance of notes in the task list.
Shortcut -[Ctrl + N]
Filters tasks within the task list by category. eg "Done".

All - Turns off the filter, all the existing tasks are displayed
Done - Displays only finished tasks
Undone - Displays only unfinished tasks
Categories Toolbar
Create a new category
Shortcut -[Ctrl + G]
Add sub category
Edit category properties
Delete category
Category Outdent (To move the category one level up in the category hierarchy)
Category Indent (To move the category one level down in the category hierarchy)
Category Move Up
Category Move Down
Sort Categories (To sort existing categories alphabetically)
Resources Toolbar
Create a new team member (resource)
Shortcut - [Insert] or [Ins]
Modify a team member's details.
Shortcut - [Enter] or [F4]
Removes one or more resources chosen from the resources list.
Shortcut -[Delete] or [Del]
Send To Do List to one or more selected resource(s)
Shortcut -[Ctrl + T]
Put To Do List to FTP for one or more selected resource(s)
Shortcut -[Ctrl + W]


  1. To perform a command, left click the corresponding icon with the (primary) left mouse button.
  2. To view a short description of the iconís function (of an icon), place the mouse cursor over the button.
  3. You can show or hide the toolbar with the [View | Toolbars | Main] menu command.
  4. You can put text from any of text-oriented browsers or from an Internet browser into a Windows clipboard and choose Tasks\ Paste New Task(s) in the main program menu.
    ( Shortcut - [Ctrl + V]).
  5. If clipboard contains several text lines separated by a new line symbol, than several new tasks will be inserted into a chosen category.
  6. These commands are designed for a fast tree management. "Expand All " and "Collapse All" expand and collapse all tree branches correspondingly.
  7. "Auto Expand all" - if this flag is 'on' then all tree branches will be open and opposite (to) of it. If this flag is off then you can manage this process by yourself.

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